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Apostle Femi Adun

Femi Adun is the President and Founder of Eagle World Outreach. Co-founder, Principal Trainer & Adviser at PactLeadership, a productivity booster company. He has authored several books and is a Certified Trainer for Equip leadership (an initiative of John C Maxwell). Femi Adun has a passion to see people from diverse cultures & works of life live a productive & fulfilling life.

He is a well sought-after speaker, who has had several distinguished honors of speaking at many events around the world. His ability to passionately and intelligently capture the attention of his audience has afforded him the opportunity to be invited as a keynote speaker in more than 30 countries and over 150 cities around the world. 

His quest for sustainable leadership that brings transformational change has led him to set up a number of organizations including The International Development Center for Kingdom Leadership (IDCKL) to continue his quest in helping both individuals & corporations in maximizing their potential. He believes the untapped potential is the reason many are operating below-installed capacity.

In 2006 he graduated with excellence from the prestigious Daystar Leadership Academy (DLA) and with distinction in Social Work and Community Development from Waltham Forest College London, UK. 

Femi is a prolific trainer and facilitator with over 15+ years of experience in Leadership and continues to provide Leadership for a number of corporate and faith-based organizations in Africa, the USA, South America, Asia,  Europe, and the United Kingdom. He serves as the CEO of Grace House Publishing Company and  Executive Partner & Coach at PATRAL inc. based in Cyprus,  Board and Faculty member of Mavasive Leadership Institute Washington DC. 

Testimonials from his followers across the different nations he serves to emphasize how his books, videos, messages, training, social media posts, and one on one mentorship have continued to shape their lives positively, influence their mindset and help them successfully navigate their pursuit of purpose. Femi is happily married with three children.

Connect with Femi Adun 

IG, Facebook and Twitter: @femiadun 

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Founders: Meet the Team

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Founders: Meet the Team

Pastor Busola Adun

Busola Adun, is a multifaceted child of God fondly called MamaEagle and she functions in the five-fold ministry as an evangelist. She is co-founder of Eagle World Outreach and PactLeadership alongside with her husband, Apostle Femi Adun. She is an identity coach, author, inspirational writer, Christian stylist, conference speaker, songwriter, worshipper, entrepreneur, and a certified HR Consultant. She is passionate about equipping and empowering people to understand and walk in the knowledge of their identity in  Christ in order to live a victorious christian life. Her evangelist ministry affords her the opportunity to share the good news of Christ with people of different cultures and faith and encourage believers to pursue their kingdom identity and be Christ influencers everywhere they go.  

She is the host of Identity Unplugged, and Identity Conference, initiatives of the Noble Woman Ministry. A ministry she founded and is committed to inspiring hope, building faith, and empowering people, especially women walk in the knowledge of their identity in Christ. She blogs at with a readership from over 180 countries where she inspires her readers with hope and faith found in God's living word, encouraging them to live a victorious and purposeful life, one worthy of their call as ambassadors of Christ.

Busola lives and thrives on Jesus, worship, fashion, and photography. Between writing her blog, honoring speaking engagements, leading a women's ministry, building her jewelry business, and running a productivity booster and HR consulting company with her husband. She enjoys travelling with her husband, Apostle Femi Adun, and creating beautiful and precious memories with him. Along with her three energetic, amazing, blessed, creative, and rapidly growing beautiful children, Joella, Israel, and Hadarah Adun.

Connect with Busola Adun 

IG and Twitter: @bzionbabe @thenoblewomanministry

Facebook: Olubusola Adun

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